About Me

I began my teaching journey 11 years ago in 2011. Life showed me ups and downs. Going through memory lane, I have had experiences good and bad. There were challenges throughout my teaching experience. A child, when comes to school he is full of excitement, he comes to experience a new environment, that depends a lot on teachers to make the child such that he comes up with the best he is capable of.  

My life has given me learnings which I got from everyday happenings. It made me understand human behavior. Nowadays, everybody is busy with their work and such people are respected as those who keep their work as their priority, they don’t interfere in anybody’s personal matters and are always liked.  

In 2010, I was blessed with a daughter by god’s grace my life changed very much. Although I had to face hardships when I was divorced. My job kept me occupied. Nothing in the world does happen according to what you would have thought it to be. I had never dreamt that I would have to face such a situation. But life went on and in a much better manner. My daughter became all the world for me. 

My father who always taught me to work to fight back every hardship that comes your way. He was a religious man, so strong was his believe that till the time he was with us he never missed his daily worship. In 2022, he went to god’s abode. He was the person in my life who meant so much to me.  

Samriddhi, my daughter is in 7th standard. She is somebody who brings a smile to my face. She is a studious girl. Being a good artist, she draws beautiful pictures whenever she gets time. 

Last year I joined Planet Spark as a teacher. Planet Spark is a well-known name in Public Speaking and Creative Writing online classes. To know the opinion of a person one needs to present oneself in an effective manner so that the voice can be heard. My interests have always been in voicing my opinion. To change the scenario, to do something that is appreciated is always my desire to do such things. I do not support events which are not noticed. We are in this world to bring about changes.