How to improve your spoken English? 

I have 12+ years of experience in teaching spoken English to students. My endeavor has  been a painstaking task. I faced issues where students did not take interest, as English is a  subject in which mostly students feel they are good at it. Whereas they are not aware of the  fact that English is not an easy language to understand and learn.  

I gave my school students grammar exercises, short conversations for practice and asked  them to read good literature. I also insisted on reading English newspapers. I found  all these effective tools for improving one’s English.  

One major problem I found when the students spoke in English was their accent. In the  pronunciation of words there were major errors. I did my research on how could I deal with  this problem. Then, I happened to find tongue twisters as the most effective tool for this.  The students enjoy this activity. 

They say learning is a never ending process and that is true. People of all ages wish to  improve their English. But, they do not find people who can guide them. My experience in  this field has been immense. 

For those who want to learn English Conversation I am ready to render my tuition services.  Interested candidates please find my contact in the Contact Me option in the menu. 

Waiting for the responses. As I am a school teacher my hours of availability is from 3:30 pm  onwards.